Barrel-aged Basque style cider with Dutch standard tree apples.

Wealth has many different faces. Look at the opulence of leaves, flowers, roots, nuts and fruits that grows all around us. Nature ensures that we can ourselves rich all throughout the year. We merely need to extend our hand to become part of her blessing. Pick a dandelion in the field, dig up a wild onion from the roadside, collect seed from stinging nettles, gather apples in an orchard. Harvesting is life. Live abundantly.

Oogst is our barrel-aged wild cider made from Dutch apples, without additions like sugar and sulphite. It was spontaneously fermented with the yeasts that occur naturally on the skins. This 2017 vintage contains Dutch standard tree heirloom apples like Bellefleur, Groninger Kroon, Santana, Elstar and Sterappel, which form a floral and tropical bouquet. It is a cider in Basque style with rural aormas, little carbonation, soft tannins and high acidity. It was aged on oak barrels for 6 months, creating a complex, dry and refreshing cider.
7.3% ABV


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Alcoholpercentage: 7,3% Inhoud: 75 cl